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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wanna hear a secret?

Americans are ridiculous.

A woman from Los Angeles is suing Victoria's Secret, claiming one of their thongs injured her. Ironically, the "part" of her injured is not where you'd expect.

Apparently, Vickey's undies were the “low-rise v-string” variety. We all know how very hard it is to find a good fit on a 3x3 triangle of fabric held together with some string. So, ignoring all hygienic and common-sense rules, the lady tries them on only to have a "piece of decoration" fly off and strike her in the eye!!!

In defense of Victoria, it is very, very difficult to sew decoration on such a small piece of fabric. Maybe industry standards should be changed--only 4x4 triagles can be decorated.

But really, how did this happen?? Look, how much energy was this women exerting to cause the decoration to FLY off hard enough to cause eye damage? Lady,get a bigger size! And why was her face that close to her underwear in the first place?

Her attorney is classifying this incident as a “design error” and says that Victoria’s Secret should compensate her. Really?? If you're going to sue Victoria Secret, sue them for corrupting the eyes of men world-wide. Sue them for setting up ridiculous, unrealistic standards for women to try to live up to. Or sue them for price gouging the string and padding market.....but not this.

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