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Sunday, June 22, 2008

5 Random Celebrity Crushes

5. Doug Wilson: Best know for "Trading Spaces" but does other TLC shows. He makes the list on his wit and charming smile. His designs are okay too.

4.Anderson Cooper: He makes grey hair look good, and he reports the news with squinty-eyed confidence.

3. Matt Lauer: He may not know the history of psychology (thank you Tom Cruise), but he deals with annoying co-hosts with grace and humor.

2.Chris Harris: He is THE host with the most. He can say, "Bachelor, ladies, the final rose." each time, with a straight face. And he also hosts "The Antique Roadshow" random of a spectrum is that? Diversity counts.

1. Bobby Flay: He makes cooking look good...oh, and I guess the food looks good too!

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