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Monday, January 26, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

It's the thing to do these days, so here is my list. And too many people have tagged me to ignore. I don't know if it will be worth the read, but here goes.

01. This lady at my church (one who was there for charity help more than spiritual reasons) came up to my mom put her hand on her stomach and announced she was going to have a little girl before she knew she was pregnant.

02. I wrote a poem in the 4th grade about the four seasons and my teacher told me I was a good writer. That really started my love of writing.

03. I love serial books. When I was young, my aunt and cousin gave me "Trixie Beldon" books for Christmas, and to this day I love books with the same characters in different or continuing adventures.

04. I've only broken one bone in my life--my middle finger in the 6th grade. We were doing relay races and as I was coming back in (doing the "crab crawl") and the girl going out crunched my hand.

05. I've had a lot of pen pals in my life--when I was young and then in college I had "email" pen pals.

06. I am so bad at math that I took remedial math my freshmen year of college. Don't ask me to make change, balance your checkbook, or count past ten.

07. I'm fascinated with genetics. (You know those graphs of dominate and recessive genes?)

08. I think and express myself better through the written word than verbally.

09. My mom's mom ("Nanny") watched me when I was I watched the soap opera, "Days of Our Lives." until I was in high school.

10. I learn best by being shown once and then doing it. It's common for me to learn things by just experimenting and figuring it out.

11. I love watching football but not really any other sports.

12. I'm an introvert. A perfect day would be one where I was alone and didn't have to talk to or interact with anyone all day. I love being alone.

13. I have really bad carpal tunnel and my hands and fingers go numb very quickly--even now as I am typing these I have to stop and move them to keep them from numbing too much.

14. I was the editor of my high school newspaper and won many monthly writing contest. I was almost a Journalism major.

15. I can't swim.....and still hold a healthy fear of water. Cruises don't really sound too tempting to me.

16. I was saved at Falls Creek in the 4th grade. I still remember the song that was playing and the person who lead me in the prayer. (It was Troy McCoy...and ironically, he and his wife's photo was in my dream last night.)

17. I made a commitment in the 8th grade to never drink alcohol.

18. Although I love reading and writing, I can't spell to save my life. I'm a horrible, horrible speller.

19. I love my knees. I think they are really cute. (This list is called RANDOM things, remember.)

20. I love audiobooks. It's hard for me to find time to sit and hold a book to read it, but I always have a book playing in my car or in the background when I am working on other things.

21. I'm a homebody. I love being at home, and it's hard for me to leave again once I am home in the evening.

22. My nicknames include: George-Earl-Clide-Fritz-III (all one), baby girl, sister, sis, HN, Nikki-no, Holly Nic, Dolly, Hol-Bol, Lolly, and Hols.

23. I cry at movies--especially when it involves the death of animals. (My sister-in-law still makes fun of me for crying so much at E.T. when I was little.) And I am a sucker for an inspirational or "based on a true story" type of movie.

24. I love learning new things. I always prefer watching TLC or History Channel or Food Network over movies because I have a higher chance of learning something new!

25. I am a late-morning and early afternoon type of person. I do my best work and thinking from 10:00-3:00.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I should've listened to my mom..

Yep, mom was right about a fair number of things.

In my defense, my mom tends to tell me mind-numbingly obvious things. She, for example, feels the need to explain how to use anything she gives me. Something like, oh, Windex. (She actually did this--and I was a college graduate at the time.)

So over the years I had a defense prepared for her advice-based attacks. It was something like this:

Step one: Eye roll.
Step two: Deep, pitying sigh. (Because she can't possibly understand.)
Step three: "Whatever, mom, that won't happen to me."

This exact scenario happened when I was wanting to order a senior class ring in high school. She told me I wouldn't wear it, and it'd be a waste of money. After performing steps one through three state above, I argued that I would wear it forever. Ha! I think I wore it for about a month and now it is in a jewelry box somewhere.

More recently, one of her pieces of advice has come back and bit me. After moving recently, I went through all these old pictures from middle and high school, as well as college. Mom always told me to write people's names on the back because, "One day you'll forget who they are."

Insert here eye roll, sigh, and "whatever." My defense at the time was something like, " I went to school with them for 13 years--I won't forget their names!!" Hmm. I should have written down their names--first and last--on the back of the pictures. Or maybe when I scratched out their face with a ball-point pen, I could have jotted down key words next to it to remind me why I was so mad at them. I didn't do either.

I'm just now getting to the age where seeing old school friends is fun. It's exciting to see what they look like now, where they live, and what they are doing. It's fun to laugh at old times and our past fashion and hair-style choices. Thankfully, with the use of MySpace and Facebook or other online communities, it is easier to reconnect and stay in touch.

I'm also getting to the age where I forget a lot. My good friend since middle school, Amy Z, is my connection to the past. I will forget someone and she will swoop in and remind me of a handful of stories and connections that I'd totally forgotten. Sadly, she is not a computer/email/virtual profile sort of person. This leaves me abandoned in the sea of forgetfulness, left to navigate myself to the shore of memories. And I can't swim! *Sigh*

So the moral of the lesson here is simple: write the names of people on the back of pictures. Oh...and I should have listened to my mother.