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Tuesday, November 2, 2004

The Pot Pie Question

As you know, is devoted to the answering of questions posed to me each and every day. Of course, if no one has a question, I get the freedom to write on any topic. But today my wonderful, beautiful roommate's blog, posed a question that hits at the very heart of who I am. I must answer. Let me quote for Amy's question for you:

"Sigh. Holly doesn't like Pot Pie. I think she is morally opposed to it. Let me plunge into the depths of this. Is it just because Holly is such a hard worker and throwing everything together to cook is just a cop out? Is it that nothing has a good texture when smothered in gravy? Texture is quite important to allergy sufferers. Who knows?"

Well, Miss Van Dyck, I know why I do not like pot pie. One-"POT pie" Does that sound good to you--POT pie. Due to my reading audience, I canpienot fully disclose what this word makes me think of...but think with me where else we use the word POT in our everyday life. Hmm. Disgusting.

On top of that, is the misuse of the word "pie." Pie makes me think of sweet things.....a warm, sweet, dessert. SO to say "pie" and then it is this mixture of leftover rejects carefully disguised in gravy and crust is just wrong! Some may say IMMORAL. We are to let our "yes" be "yes" and our "no" be "no". When you say there is pie, you should mean real PIE not a runny mixture of brown and green nothingness.

When we add texture (mushiness) and the lack of design and forethought I am close to appalled that this is served to children across American. *Gag*

I am too emotional about this topic. It is too close to me, so I must leave my arguement to that. I hope, dear Amy, this answers your question. Can't we just have enchiladas and all get along?