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Monday, June 16, 2008

May I introduce you?

Saturday ended up being a great day, which was punctuated by running into a old high school friend. (Actually, we were in kindergarten through high school together.) She ended up in line behind me at Hobby Lobby, and although it had been (yikes!) 12 years since we've seen each other, she recognized me.

As we were giving snapshots of the last 12 years, my friend asked me if I still wrote. "I blog," I replied. I don't know if blogging exactly counts as writing or not.

I was probably best known to my Marlow classmates as a writer. In middle school I wrote a lot--short stories, poems, and even a book! In high school, though, journalism became my thing.

She told me that she found a poem not long ago that I had written to this boy I'd liked. Ha! Figures. There is no telling how many love-sick poems, notes, and mixed tapes that there are out there marking my long line of crushes. That's the bad thing about writing being your "thing"--it leaves evidence.

So, I told her if she would email the poem to me, I would post it here for all to enjoy (and laugh at). Most of you that read this thing don't know my "creative" writing side. Maybe I'll introduce you to each other someday.

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