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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Marriage Proposal.....

Yeah, so I was given a nice laugh today courtsey of MySpace. So I have another dude email me, and I have pasted the first "paragraph/sentence" as it was written....

"i ran into your profile while in my search for a soulmate and i'm captivated by every line of your profile and i thought it's just right to let you know that i feel we might be able to work out a relationship and probably a life time union from this ."

So I laughed/read this out loud to Sus. In classic Sus form, she replied, "Be could be making fun of your future husband." To which, I replied, "Lord, help me if he is."

Wow, girls, I hope you can all hear from that special, complete stranger (we) "might be able to work out a relationship AND possibly a life time union".

A girl can only hope. :)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


No, this isn't going to be an anti-Valentine's Day post. Actually this year I am excited about it.

My roomies and I have decided to celebrate the fact that "We Didn't Marry The Wrong Guy." We're not dissing guys at all. Actually, it is the fact that God has protected us from giving us what we thought we wanted, or just the wrong person for us. Singleness can be seen as a negative thing in our society. I have always thought that if I married the wrong person that would be much worse! It is just hard to remember that at times!

So happy Valentine's Day to you all. And thank you, Jesus, you are in charge and I am not!!!