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Saturday, June 7, 2008

17 Places I'd Want to Visit

Here you go Emily:

(17) Hogwarts: Yes, it is fictional, but there are no rules.

(16) New York City--Statue of Liberty, Broadway Plays, Regis and Kelly--I mean, what else do you need? :)

(15) O, Canada. I think Niagara Falls and Novia Scotia are both places I would enjoy.

(14) Greece-Maybe for the beauty more than anything, but also seeing historical places like Athens, Olympia, and Sparta.

(13) Italy...home of the food I love so. :) Rome, Vatican City, and Venice would all be places to see and experience.

(12) England--Stonehenge specifically.

(11) Australia's Great Barrier Reef, kangaroos, and cool accents!

(10) India intrigues me. I think of it as bright, loud, crowded, complicated, and too culturally intriguing to miss out on.

(09) Russia--seeing Moscow's and St Petersburg's architecture would be amazing.

(08) China--The Forbidden City, The Great wall, Terracotta Warriors, etc.

(07) Egypt...who can beat camels and pyramids?

(06) Germany/Poland--I think to understand fully the evil of Concentration Camps I need to see one in person.

(05) Holland--I'd really like to see Corrie Ten Boom's homestead and just imagine what her life was like....

(04) The Holy Land--This may be cheating by lumping several locals into one, but I would love to see as much as possible!!!

(03) Turkey--I'm thinking of all the random poses Tami would make me do! :) Not to mention Zeke and Kiayah!

(02) Cambodia (during the "winter" preferably)....but no tarantulas Deb!

(01) Kazahstan because I miss my Suby Sue! :)

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