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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Laughter is the best medicine

Tuesday, as I left work at 6:30 (working late for second night in a row this week), I got into my car absolutely tired. I got out my ipod to listen to one the way home and decided to listen to a comedy routine that I love. By the time I got to Sharkey's, I was laughing out loud to myself.

As I got home I walked in still listening and laughing outloud to myself. Although Tygre and Emily were home I heated up dinner in the microwave and laughed. I tried to eat and laughed, and I cleaned dishes and laughed.

Of course, Tygre and Emily were laughing at me laughing, but I didn't care. Later I finished the set with Lindsay listening to one earphone--both of us laughing until we cried. I shared the CD with both of them and right now they are laying in the living room with their ipods laughing.

*SIGH* It is good to laugh.

If you're stressed out like I am, LAUGH! If you want to check out who I was listening to, you can check out Brian Regan. He is clean and will having you crying because you're laughing so hard. Here is a sample.

And take your medicine--start laughing!

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