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Thursday, February 2, 2006

Goals Determine Priorities

Ha Ha, funny, right? This cartoon, however, has a point. Our goals in life are suppose to determine our priorities. Last night I started a One on One with God study with 7 other girls. We looked at three lifetime goals we should have as Christians.

We talked about how, with any goal, we must eliminate and concentrate--eliminate the distractions and concentrate on the goals. But our culture (and especially our age group) really doesnÂ’t know what it means to eliminate and concentrate for the purpose of the Kingdom. We sit in Bible studies talking about the concept of eliminating and concentrating, but when it comes to backing that up with action, we're all talk.

Why is this? I think it comes down to cost and passion. Our passion determines the price tag. How passionate we are about something--how worthy we deem it--will make the cost of it more insignificant to us. We're willing to pay it because it is worth it. But if I don't care that much about it, I can live without it or put it aside.

Who is more worthy than Jesus? NO ONE. I think any Bible-believing person can easily say that. Yet why do our actions not speak show that? Romans 12:2 I think answers that question---we have allowed the world to squeeze us into its own mold instead of renewing our minds to find out what God's will is--—his good, pleasing and perfect will.
Hmmm. Notice that I have said we. I am preaching to myself here. What a hypocrite I am each day. How many things I put before God!!
Lord I ask you help me examine my goals, my passions, my priorities in light of YOUR worth and not just what I see as worthy!

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