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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Not a "big" fan....

My husband and I are a lot alike...sometimes freakishly alike.  But we definitely differ on many food favorites. 

I love breakfast, and I never miss it.  Lunch, sure, skip it, but you don't want to see me without a good breakfast in me.  Jacob.....well he usually doesn't eat breakfast unless you count a couple bites of cantaloupe and a couple of strawberries.  And I don't.  Count it, that is. 

I also like salty.  Chips and salsa always trumps ice cream in my book.  So it is not surprising that salty-themed breakfasts are my favorite style too.  But how can you be choosy when your husband says he will get out of bed on Saturday morning to make breakfast?  How sweet, right!?  Yeah, we are newlyweds.  Yes, I have been warned this will stop.  I don't believe them.  :) 

Today Jacob made breakfast.  He made sausage and pancakes.  When he asked me if pancakes were okay, I said, "I'm not a big pancake fan, but sure, babe, whatever you want to make."

Did I mention he is so sweet?  And he listens.  Guess which ones are mine?  Remember, I'm not a "big" pancake fan....

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  1. "See what I did there?" :-) And I although I'm a bit biased, they were pretty good.