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Friday, July 8, 2011

Do you take coupons for that?

Jacob is known for his thriftiness.  He uses coupons and never pays full price if he can help it. 

So today we went to the county courthouse to get our marriage license.  Because we did marriage counseling, it only cost us $ cash.  When the lady asked us for the $5, Jacob looks at me.

"Do you have any cash?  All I have is two dollars."

I dug around and had $2 cash too.  "Do you have any change?"  Jacob asked.  So I dug around my cavonous purse again to produce two quarters, three nickles, 2 dimes, and 15 pennies.

We were able to pay for our marriage license.  And we gave the lady a funny story to tell.

As we walked out, Jacob remembered where his two dollars came from.  We'd gone to Target the night before to get some necessities.  After we were already checked out, Jacob remembered a coupon.  Target gave him the $2 cash he was owed from the coupon.  If it weren't for that coupon, we'd not had a enough cash to pay. 

So, yes, you can use a coupon to pay for a marriage license. 

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