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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Unlucky 13 (?)

I think I am getting sick. OJ is welcomed.

Today is Tuesday, December 13th. So here are lists of 13 things. Enjoy.

13 Things I love:

13. Puppies and kittens
12. The feeling of my hair after it is just cut.
11. New potatoes and cream gravy
10. Cold sheets
09. Hershey Kisses with almonds
08. Slightly frozen Dr. Pepper
07. Sleeping in as late as I want
06. Cold, snowy days when you don't have to go anywhere.
05. Homemade hotdogs (with chili)
04. Harry Potter (watching, reading, or listening to the books)
03. Thin, salty tortilla chips with cheese and salsa.
02. Starting new projects
01. Being barefoot

13 Things I really, really dislike:

13. Answering phones
12. Missing friends' birthdays
11. Making small talk
10. Being the center of attention
09. Always being interrupted (or not "heard")
08. Driving in places I am unfamiliar with.
07. People on bikes who want to be in the traffic like a car, but don't obey traffic rules.
06. Snakes
05. Too much noise (like sensory overload)
04. Doing laundry
03. Constantly teased
02. Clutter/dirty house
01. People backing out of commitments (without a valid reason)

13 Talents/Abilities I wish I possessed:

13. Speak several languages
12. Do math/understand numbers
11. Ability to act/do accents
10. Ability to dance/be graceful
09. Athletic talent
08. Decorate well
07. Ability to entertain people (be funny, witty, unique)
06. To speak well in public
05. Ability to give lots of $ to things I care about
04. Ability to design
03. Have pretty handwiting
02. Ability to Draw/Paint
01. Ability to sing

Shout out to Beck.

I was told I had to write 13 things I was good at since I ended on a negative, so here they are:

13. Making lists
12. Instigating mischief
10. Teaching
11. Organizing things
10. Finding solutions to problems
09. Good at copying Jacob's Spanish book
08. Making Quilts (I'm improving at least)
07. Guessing at charades/catch phrase
06. Playing snood
05. Cooking green beans
04. Photoshop
03. Making Fried Pies
02. Answering Questions
01. Multi-tasking

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