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Tuesday, December 6, 2005

How Fun!

Christoph sent me the coolest website! You can put in any word and it will turn it into a slogan. It's hi-lar-ious!

Here are some that I got by putting in people's names. I promise, I did not make these up!

"I wish I had a Lindsay Vassar."

"Danny Beck. We build smiles."

"Debby empowers you."

"The David Cottle way of life."

"I quit smoking with Rita Stevens."

"Alex (Arm.) takes good care of you."

"Mock strikes back."

"The Brittany effect."

"My Tygre, your tygre, Tygre for all!"

"Food or Jenny? I'll have Jenny."

"Kels rules."

"My Crumpy and me."

"You better get your Emily out!"

"With a name like Sarah, it has to be good."

"Brian Biggs is forever."

"Brandon Jones, whiter than the whitest!"

"The queen buys KLai."

"Josiah Max keeps on going, and going, and going..."

"BClifton--You see this name, you think dirty." (Sorry Brian, it was the first thing that came up.)

"Shane for your kids!"

"Baptist Student Union is rolling, the others are stoned."

"The American Way of Christoph." (ironic, huh?)

Okay, check it out and post your favorite results!

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