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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Top 10 Reasons I Love my Job

10. Variety--each day is different.
09. Answering the phones--never know who or what you'll get!
08. Free food--thanks C-Young, Chris, Robert, Tony, K-Lai, Rita, Debby, Britt, Crumpy, Tygre, Jenny, and everyone else I forgot to list.
07. Co-workers--they are pretty cool! But you've got to watch that Chris Goree! : )
06. Random occurances--like today watching Stine try to blow up a balloon an nearly pass out.
05. It keeps me young....I think.
04. Casual dress. Trust me, once you get a "real" job, you'll know why this is such a perk.
03. Getting paid to go on Spring Break.
02. Getting paid to hang out with college students.
01. Hearing, "Holly, I have a question...." a million times a day, and knowing the answer.

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