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Monday, April 4, 2005

In a Pickle

I get on theses "kicks" where I want the same thing all the time. My mom is this way, as is one of my brothers. I guess it is genetic or something. Anyway, my latest kick is dill pickles--especially hamburger style dill pickles (and they MUST also be COLD!). Yummy! My mouth is watering just thinking about them.Pickles

I like to salt them too. I know, I know, I always salt everything. But on the dill pickle slices it is a perfect mix. For all you naysayers out there, you should try it before counting it off as weird.

Other so-called "odd" things I salt include apples, oranges, watermelon to name a few. Brian Cllifton, remember at the MT retreat a couple of years ago where I got you to salt your apple? He was one naysayer that was proved wrong.

Thinking about it, I have a lot of "weird" food combinations. For example, I like mayo on my chili-cheese dog. I dip pizza in ranch (not as odd anymore). As a kid, one of my favorite lunches was cold, iceberg luttuce with cream of chicken soup. I haven't made that in years, but it still sounds good. For breakfast, we used to have white rice with butter and sugar on it. I'm sure there are more, but that is all I can think of this morning as examples.

This blog entry may not save the world, but I hope it gives hope to others who have quirky tastes and food combinations.

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