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Thursday, October 7, 2004

My Nose

I hate my allergies. If you see me today, my red shirt matches my nose. It wasn't planned. Here is a poem by Dorothy Aldis. I swear, this little poem is my life:

It doesn't breathe;

It doesn't smell;

It doesn't feel

So very well.

I am discouraged

With my nose;

The only thing it

Does is blows.

Otherwise in my life.....

I see Emily this weekend on her turf. Yippeee!

OU is going to beat Texas. (AGAIN)

My Alex is sportin' his fall fashions. Nice.

I heard from TWO UofA friends today. Fun.

Jade is the baby. : P

Tygre, I still won't make out with you!!!!

George Bush and John Kerry are related, but George Bush should still be President.

I love my roomies.

I need comments please! (Emily fixed them so anyone can post)

God is good. We're in negotiations about Him healing my nose.


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