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Monday, September 12, 2011

I love audiobooks but.....

My husband and I are both HUGE readers.  We both love to read, to learn new things, and we both love to talk about what we're reading.  That's great right?

Problem:  We like totally different types of books.  Jacob reads non-fiction and primarily business books.  Me?  I looooooove me some fiction.

It's a tragedy, really, since we can't share books.  Yesterday, we went to Borders and picked through their remaining books.  I got three fiction books and he got three business books.

I haven't started reading mine because I am currently listening to Jacob's.  I love audiobooks but this is different.  For the past day and a half, he has been reading OUT LOUD to me his books.  The most predominate one he is reading to me is about private equity firms and how they are destroying America.

Trust me, if there is one thing that is more boring than a business book, it is a business book about private equity firms.

Right now, as I am writing this, he is reading out loud to me.  My favorite part is when he finishes reading a section he will stop and paraphrase what he just read in a way that I can understand.  I am trying very hard to listen and make affirming cues like "Oh, wow, really?"  Or, "No way!  That is horrible."   I am a very good wife that way.  :) 

Even if I could care less about his books, I love him.  He makes me smile.  He is so darn cute when he is learning and processing ideas.  He is so passionate about things...and those are the very things that made me fall for him.   

I think, though, that it is only fair if I read to him too.  "Harry Potter" anyone?


When I was able to get Jacob to pause reading the private equity firm book, I read this post to him.

He said, and I quote, "I don't need to read Harry Potter, I saw the movies!  They don't make movies about this kind of stuff!"

Me:  "There is a reason for that, dear."

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