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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Always Fall Asleep Holding Hands

Last week I was really tired.  My husband, who is a night owl anyway, told me to just go ahead and go to bed without him.  He said he wasn't tired, and wanted to stay up a little longer. 

Minutes before, I was falling asleep on the couch, but once I got in bed, I couldn't sleep.  I tossed and turned, but sleep wouldn't come.  What was the deal!?!

Most nights--okay every night--we go to bed at the same time.  Each night, Jacob and I always send a few minutes talking before we go to sleep.  We laugh.....Jacob tells jokes that aren't funny and gets annoying songs in my head.  Sometimes we talk about more serious things or pray together.  No matter what, though, his face is the last thing I see, and his voice is the last think I hear before I fall asleep.

And we always hold hands.  

That simple act has such an impact on the soul.  So much so, that without him next to me, I couldn't sleep.  What a wonderful "new normal" we've created.  I love that I need him next to me, holding my hand, before I can fall asleep. 

I love how God has knitted our hearts together.  Jacob makes me a better person.  He makes me feel safe, protected, and cherished.  And he makes me feel loved.  I can't imagine this life without him by my side.  I love him so much.   

I want to encourage all my married friends to do one thing: tonight, fall asleep holding hands. 


  1. I can count on one hand how many times Scott and I have gone to bed alone. It's only when someone is out of town. Holding hands though- that's impressive! Not sure I could sleep like that :)

    1. Well, we don't hold hands all night. Just until we're asleep....never know who lets go first! :)