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Sunday, January 2, 2011

A week with Jacob

I am so excited that Jacob and I got to spend a whole week together.  I came up to Kansas and spent a couple of days with him.  We went to Topeka to see his "hometown" and I got to meet his mom and dad.  They were super and it was very comfortable!

As we left their house, I said, "Well, crap."

"What?"  Jacob asked. 

"They're normal."  :)  We had a lot of fun.

We headed down to Oklahoma and met my brother Aaron and fam for lunch on the way down.  Then we continued all the way to Marlow where he met Mom and we stayed the night. 

The next day we headed to Texas for New Years Eve party at Dan and Amy's house.  This was the first time Jacob got to meet all my besties in Texas.  We had a great time, and everyone loved Jacob (I'm not surprised...what's not to like?).

We headed back to Norman and finished out our week there.  It was so fun to get some much time with him.  I miss him already.

Here is a pic of us from New Year's Eve:

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