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Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm was a Walker Girl Through and Through.......

Today was the beginning of freshmen move-in. So in honor of all those new freshies, here are some of my favorite things about living in the dorms.

  • Writing your name on the beds. (I know, so bad!)
  • Having my door open and dozens of friends walking by and stopping in to say hello.
  • The blue cordarory couch.
  • Coming into my room and people being there, yet none of my roommates among them!
  • Making a "tent" in the bottom bunk with my roommates covers.
  • Fire alarms. Climbing down 1o flights of stairs at 3:00 am is character building, people!
  • Walking to and from football games.
  • Looking out my window on cold winter days.
  • Hiding in Natalie's bed and scaring her when she got in to go to sleep.
  • "Dawson lives.....Dawson dies. Dawson lives....Dawson dies."
  • Having 321-LOVE as a phone number.
  • Cooking Saturday morning "breakfast" in the microwave with eggs, bacon bits, and cheese.
  • IMing someone a floor below you.
  • The smell of the boys side of the hall. Yuck.
  • Praying for a parking space.....and getting it!
  • Being pulled over by a bike cop outside of Adams.
  • Pranks.
  • Staying up way too late doing nothing but laughing a whole lot!
  • Tornadoes.....and living on a floor meant to blow off if one hits!

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