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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dumbest "Boy" Moments

I've had several of you ask, so here is the list. I would list them all, but there is no way you all would read all of them. I'll hit the highlights for you. (I can't believe I am subjecting myself to this.)

I think I'll go in chronological order....

1. It was sixth grade and I was in love for the first time. He was two years older and could sing like an angel. (It's true, his voice hadn't really changed yet.) Somehow I convinced my gaggle of girlfriends to also fall in love with him. We would literally wait on the playground for him to get out of class early and walk to the cafeteria. One weekend, Danielle Arnold had a slumber party. The details get fuzzy here...I blame it on the sugar high....but somehow we ended up calling him on the phone. For the next 4 hours we tell him how in love we are. All the while, he is trying to get us to tell him our names. There is a whole lot more story that happens, but for time I will say this: He found out who we were, and I was the only one who went to church with him. Even to this day, whenever I see Randy Brown, I internally turn into a idiot 6th grade girl. Some things you never recover from emotionally.

2. So I started out on the wrong foot when it came to "love." Sadly, my techniques didn't really improve much over time either. Fast forward to about 8th grade. This time I had a crush on the cutest guy in our class, Chad. He kind of resembled teen heart-throw Chad Allen--maybe even cuter. I am in my "Gifted and Talented" class and we have to write a book for a contest. I, like all good writers, ground my fiction tale in reality by basing my characters on actual people I know. Unlike good writers, I didn't know you should change the character's name.

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