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Thursday, July 10, 2008

10 of My Dumbest Ideas/Moments Ever

(This is just a list, not a ranking of "dumb to dumber.")

1. Multitasking--usually a good idea--right? Not when you are blow drying your hair and also cleaning the toothpaste out the sink. Water + Electricity= Bad, bad idea.

2. Permed hair with bangs. I can't bare to look at most of my school pictures from about 4th grade until junior year of high school. I looked like a poodle. And I am not kidding.

3. Riding standing up in a truck bed as it goes off-roading across a field. (Reference July 4, 2007 at Project Impact.)

4. Making a "mixed tape" of love songs for my 10th grade crush. Just thinking of some of the songs on there makes me blush now. Thank you, Jesus, for rejection. Truly. For you curious critters who want to know some of the songs, here is a list of popular songs of the time. (I actually have a lot more dumb stories involving the male species. Maybe that is a post for another day.....sigh.)

5. Playing basketball. I've often admitted I am clumsy and un-athletic. I did at one time optimistically try playing basketball. I even went to BB camp. My most common mistake was "walking." That hand-eye coordination gene was mutated in my DNA. At the end of camp I managed to make a basket. My reward--I was taken out of the game. At least I ended my BB career on a high note.

6. Speaking of high notes....I was also in choir in middle school and participated in ensemble competitions at state. Look, I can only sing in one key--off. Thankfully my skills at lip-singing kept me from too much humiliation.

7. Using a brand new "exacto knife" to cut cardboard for a project. The dumb part was I was setting cross-legged on the floor with shorts on and no solid surface under the knife. My dad had just said, "Be careful--that thing is sharp." Immediately I replied, "I know, Dad!" Then slice. It didn't hurt. I quietly went to the bathroom to see how bad it was before telling Dad what I'd done. It was bad. I still have a scar on right thigh.

8. Washing my cell phone. It was in my pocket. I washed my shorts. End of story...and of cell phone.

9. Ordering a "chicker finger basket" at Cate. I don't really think it was that big of a deal. I said chicken wrong ONCE and people won't let me live it down. I also thought chihuahua was actually pronounced "chick-a-wa-wa" thanks to my Dad (he was joking and I didn't know). Okay, so that was a little more dumb.

10. Not going out with Josh Newby for ice cream after church. We were saved on the same night at Falls Creek was back in middle school. He was a year older than me but we grew up in the same church. He was popular, athletic, and voted best looking in his class as well as Homecoming King. He was really quiet and almost shy. I still remember where we were standing and the words "I can't" coming out of my mouth. Ugh. Dumb, dumb dumb. Maybe I should have saved this one for my top 20 dumbest boy moments post......

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