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Monday, August 21, 2006

Whistle while you work....

It's good to operate on full tanks. Wow.

This week, although super busy and crazy at times, I have been having fun. Today I was singing to myself as I worked on cleaning up the database. It just made me realize how much this summer refreshed me.

I love statistics. At the END of last year, we had 891 contacts in our database. As of today, we have 751 contacts. That is only after one event! I'm excited to see the students really go after it and invite people and really make them feel welcome. No, we are not perfect, but it is the heart behind it that excites me.

I am also excited about the changes we are making in the ministry at OU. I think we will be able to meet more and open the doors to more people than we ever had. That is not about numbers----but about getting to touch MORE people's lives for Jesus! We have 28,000 people to reach just on that campus! What a task!!

I know I need to update more. I will get back to normal soon (I hope). I even want to pick up KCW again. :)

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