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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Learning to Speak Another Language

Do you guys know what Love Languages are? I am going to assume you do. So if this post doesn't make sense ask me about them and that should clear things up.

My love language is quality time (and second, words of affirmation). Mostly, though, if there is no Quality Time, the words mean very little to me. This weekend I got QT with Debby and Susanne. Today after leaving lunch with Sus, I was filled up and happy.

I think sometimes I don't realize how important that is. Luckily for me, Susanne is a QT person too. So we filled each others tanks. But many of my friends "speak a different language" than I do.

I am reminded at how much more I need to try to speak their language. And how much I need them to speak mine.

So, it you are a physical touch person and those close to you aren't, you MUST learn to speak a different language or the communication of your of love and friendship is "lost in translation." Likewise, I need to know my friends' Love Languages and intentionally speak in their language so they know I love them.

So get fluent and be proactive! If you have friends who are speaking to you in your native language and you never speak back to them in their native language you are doing them a disservice. We are to encourage each other DAILY as long as it is today!

And thanks to those in my life who intentionally seek to spend QT with me. You keep me going. And may we all learn to encourage each other more!

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