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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Random List

  1. i'm trying this list thing. let's see how it goes.
  2. i feel like i have no margin of time right now.
  3. debby comes home this week!
  4. i have a date with "Harry" this weekend.
  5. josiah sat in my lap and ate his lunch yesterday. *sigh*
  6. lubbock and tuscon have pieces of my heart, yet i have never been to either city.
  7. i could eat asian food every day.
  8. i spend way too much money in hobby lobby.
  9. i am a workaholic.
  10. i have always wanted to be a detective but couldn't handle the gross stuff.
  11. my parents almost named me ashley.
  12. i don't like turkey, even at thanksgiving.
  13. i drink a dr. pepper every day (or at least try!)
  14. my favorite salsa is tostitos restaurant style (medium heat).
  15. i wrote a full book when i was in 8th grade (over 100 pages typed).

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