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Monday, October 17, 2005

Du Du Dudu....Du Du Dudu.....

I'm back from a long weekend. Friday at 7:30 am Dana and Natalie and their husbands (Mike and Justin) and I all piled into a car and drove 8 hours to Memphis for my other best friend, Tami's, wedding.

It was a fun trip there and good time with Natalie and Dana. As we pulled into Memphis, Justin turns around and tells us that he was surprised we'd actually done it--talked for 8 hours straight. (We were not surprised!) The trip back was just about as bad. We were a little more tired so a little less talking happened but a little more complaining!

The wedding was beautiful but weird at the same time. It was hard letting go of my friend to someone I'd just met. I have no doubt they are perfect for one another, it is just hard to not know him better. The HUGE part of her life is separate. I hope in the year to come to get to know him better. As they drove away I had to remind myself that I had not lost her forever!

Just as I had one wedding behind me, I find out my wonderful roomie, Brittany, got engaged! I knew it would happen, but was surprised at the timing. At least she was not expecting it! :) The ring is beautiful!

Well, I better go. I have a lot of work to do!

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