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Monday, June 6, 2005

New meaning to the phrase "two-faced"

Well, we had a typical Oklahoma weekend. We watched about four hours of weather, as severe thunderstorms and tornadic weather swept through the state--including my hometown of Marlow! Norman got rain and some wicked lightning, but no tornados.

The most eventful part of the weekend was playing with this face converter page that Amy found. We played for hours!!! There is a link on her blog to it too, but here is is again if you want it. Click HERE to morph.

You can insert a picture and see what they would look like as another race, gender or artistic rendering. It was so funny doing some pictures. Like, David Cottle as a girl looked a lot like Lauren! And Jenny Van Dyck as a boy looked like her brother Matt. It was strange seeing Chauncey and Robert Hwang as white boys!

For best results, you need a picture where the people are facing straight ahead. Some pictures worked better than others, but it was fun. Here is an example of myself. If you have requests of people you'd like to see and don't have a picture, let me a comment and I will try to upload them soon.

Here is my orginal picture.

Here is African-American Holly.

Here is East-Asia Holly.

Here is (India) Indian Holly.

Here is MALE Holly...
Very disturbing !!!

Have fun with this....I have everyone's prayer guide pictures, so I will be busy! :)

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