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Friday, March 25, 2005

My Mentor, My Mirror

I love Jen Kelsey. There are people in your life that suck life out of you, and then there are people who breathe life back into you. Jen is one of those life-giving people. She encourages me so much I can get up and try again no matter how many times I fall on my face.

She lets me cry and talk and be honest. She asks me questions, lets me think, pushes me gently in new directions, corrects me, and loves me regardless of what I "do" or "don't do." She will listen; she will offer advice; she makes time for me. I love her, and she has my heart so I will follow her no matter how hard the road is that she asks me to walk down. When she rebukes me, I listen and cry and try again.

Each time I am around her, I am humbled by her love for me. I want to love like that. She has more health problems than anyone else I know, and yet you would never know that talking to her. I want to be selfless like that. Jen is selfless, optimistic, fun, wise, and more like Jesus each day.

She makes me think of 1 John 4:10 which says, "This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins."

Jen loved me before I loved her. She wanted me in her life before I wanted her. She loved first, and because of that love, I have grown to love her and "follow" her example. It is because Jen loves me regardless of my behavior that gives me freedom to fail and be forgiven and to keep following and trusting her. What a great living example she is of 1 John 4:10.

Is it just me, or is it hard for anyone else to accept (in your head and heart) that God is the same way (but to perfection)? I know Jen is not perfect and I am not in any way "worshipping" her. But she mirrors this biblical truth so clearly, it helps me believe (in action of heart) 1 John 4:10 better. I see a human with weaknesses loving like that, I think, of course GOD can do that! He does everything perfect!

She is the mirror that reflects 1 John 4:10 to me. I know it is Christ in Jen that I see. It is not Jen in herself who can do that, it is Christ living in her that loves, that is sacrificial, that is forgiving. I look at my life and think, "What am I mirroring? What truth(s) do I display in lifestyle?" I need far more of Jesus and a whole lot less of me.

My challenge to you is tell people in your life what they are mirroring for you. What verse do you see them living out? What biblical truth do they help you believe and act on better? Let's all be life-givers.

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